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Wayfinder was founded by two entrepreneurs in 2016, merging their two companies together. The idea is simple: Combine marketing excellence with actual sales performance.

There's always something new around the corner, and taking advantage is great. But throughout the process, it's easy to lose sight of what really matters: Sales and Growth. In today's environment, marketing and sales are often kept separate, each with their own goals and angle to approach the market.

It works, but it can be a lot better.

Marketing as part of the sales conversation

Every sales person out there knows this: First ask questions and find your lead's problems, then simply solve them.

That's how a sale is made.

Wayfinder creates and measures the effectiveness of systems that start the sales conversation long before a sales person even connects with the lead and gives them the tools to approach the conversation with the right angle, with a tremendous impact on conversions.


Marketing and Sales are both about generating revenue. More often than not, marketing is reduced to making things look pretty and sales is left behind in the innovation cycle. Communication between the two is almost non-existent and that has its consequences.

Marketing and sales work best if they're working together. And that's what Wayfinder is all about.

The Wayfinder Group was founded specifically to generate results by using the latest in marketing to help generate more sales for companies that rely on their sales teams to push growth.


The Wayfinder Group

Wayfinder Group and its subsidiaries are based in Rotterdam in the Netherlands.