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Advanced customer acquisition systems


The Wayfinder Group in a nutshell

The Wayfinder Group is a combination of services and products, each created to solve specific marketing problems and all combined to create marketing solutions for the most challenging products and services out there.


What your target audience is reading, right now.
Get contact details in real time of those who read about the problems you can help with AND fit your ideal target customer profile. People do most of their own research today and that's great. The downside is that getting in front of them before your competitor does is more expensive than ever. With Funneldrum, you can focus your marketing and sales efforts on the people who care the most and reach them before they start their search.


Core GDPR is our own GDPR solution which also features a cookieless tracking solution for seamless data gathering, even in the EU and flexible execution for minute control over the collected data and frequency.


Still under development, Scouter is Wayfinder's link to sales and digital sales analytics, cross-platform. With Scouter, sales teams can tap into the power of using online sales techniques with the same flexibility a marketer has, but without having to change their workflow.


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Be First

Your future customers are experiencing problems now. Instead of competing on the global ad market, capture your customers before they've even considered solving their problem, or even before they realize it exists.

Creating cross-functional customer acquisition funnels

Marketing solutions don't exist in a vacuum. We bridge sales and marketing and create enterprise-wide custom solutions, and even offer the use of systems that are already up and running for our customers to leverage.


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Designed for Your Business

We create our solutions to integrate with your business and operate on many levels. We integrate with your marketing and sales software, coordinate with your sales department, and execute according to your business' goals. Regular sales performance reviews are central to the success of each solution and integration into the business is key.


Tap Into Existing Funnels

Not everyone needs a custom solution. We have existing systems, running continuously, for specific markets. Customers can get these results, without needing to worry about integration or even initial setup. It truly is a plug-and-play solution. You get customers in your region, from systems that already work, we manage the rest.

Be Effective

Don't just push products or services. Construct your arguments through carefully planned exposure. By the time your sales people receive an inquiry, they should already know which angles they can use.

Solving customer acquisition across industries

Marketing the "unmarketable" is our strength. We've solved marketing problems for many different industries, each with their own challenges.


Real Estate Development

Large real estate projects need investors but finding them can be a challenge and normally requires extensive networking. This real estate developer with a great track-record wanted to use loan notes to acquire new funds and increase the size of their development portfolio.


Offshore Business Formation

Offshore businesses are a great way to optimize your taxes and reduce your overall liability. Looking for individual investors, this firm wanted to get traction for their bespoke company formation solution.


Solar Farms

Instead of selling separate solar panels, this company wanted to sell entire solar farms with their custom solution. This solution would only be relevant to a small number of people and companies in the world and time was critical.


Residency & Citizenship

If you have enough capital, you can invest in getting residency in a foreign country or even get a second passport. This creates more flexibility for travel, and even can extend a family's access to include local social benefits.


Highway & Road Technology

A novel asphalt reinforcement solution needed to be introduced to replace competing industry-standard solutions. This meant that this very traditional audience's objections needed to first be deconstructed before a new solution could be pushed.